Your mind is the architecture of your life. The knowledge of your health stays incomplete until you truly understand your mind on a deeper level. In traditional Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and tantra were the main tools of mind development. While yoga and meditation cleanse the body and mind from negative energies, tantra tones the heart and generates love and passion. When you bring tantra into your life, your self-confidence grows from day to day and your focus stays undisturbed in every action you do. Through the continuous practice of this ancient wisdom your level of satisfaction increases and leads to a constant state of joy and peace in mind.
In this two hour lecture, well known author Janesh Vaidya talks about his research on tantra and mind development, and straightens out the question marks around the subject. As in previous years, Mr. Vaidya’s informative and interesting lecture will make you think and laugh at the same time.
- Remember, your past is not your choice, but your future is, Janesh Vaidya.