This became clear to ACRE’s co-founders, David Hay and Magnus Åkerberg, after surveying a large group of leading Nordic Corporate Real Estate (CRE) professionals. They have since used their findings to develop the concept for the ACRE network and have also teamed up with Lena Paustian to lead their activities in Denmark. David, Magnus and Lena, who all have extensive experience within CRE, have themselves missed this type of network in the Nordics and initiated the survey to establish whether others from the industry felt the same. 

- The survey helped us to determine priorities and identify what is currently missing in the Nordic market. We were able to focus on meeting these needs. We see this as an ongoing process where we continually listen to our members and adapt our approach thereafter, says Magnus Åkerberg, ACRE co-founder.

The concept behind the ACRE network is to offer CRE professionals support, whether it be through networking events, webinars, connecting with other people in similar roles, global market research, sharing career development opportunities or the means to quickly identify potential service providers. ACRE’s digital platform acts both as a hub for offering services and also connecting members. Through partnerships with Nordic and Global companies at the forefront of providing real estate related research, ACRE are able to provide members access to this research through their digital platform. 

- We have worked with the idea for some time and are really keen to get started. Initial interest has been very strong and we see a really interesting community developing. Whilst there will obviously be short-term challenges in terms of how and when we can actually meet, we see this as an opportunity to further develop our digital platform and initially focus on connecting our members in other ways, says David Hay, ACRE co-founder.

About ACRE

ACRE - Access to all you need in CRE – is an independent network for Corporate Real Estate professionals and industry experts, with an ambition to share knowledge, inspire and motivate. ACRE is the leading CRE network in the Nordics and offers its members access to others in similar roles, exclusive network events and webinars, global market research, career development opportunities and information to quickly identify potential service providers.

Contact information:

David Hay, Co-founder
+46 (0) 70 361 86 63

Magnus Åkerberg, Co-founder
+46 (0) 70 366 49 88

Lena Paustian, Danish lead
+45 232 160 10